Clicksellerate is designed to to eliminate the constant clicking for email credits instead Clicksellerate users earn direct clicks to their ads in exchange for various activities normally performed on a day to day basis.

Safelist marketing is naturally low responsive due to aggressive email spam filters and you emails flagged as spam although the recipients agree to receive your mails.

Your IP address is blacklisted once you visit safelist sites, send emails to safelists or if you are visiting numerous links throughout the day.

No fault of their own safelists, safelist marketers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, email marketers are unfairly criminalised by email services Yahoo being the worst of all not to mention AOL and hotmail among other haters of internet marketers. See 100 words you can’t use when email marketing

Clicksellerate takes the focus from clicking for email credits to performing site activities to get clicks and views to your affiliate links, sites and ads which include clicks from other members viewing your ads to getting clicks from advertising networks, search engine and social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram Etc;

Clicksellerate will deliver a higher concentration rate, better interaction and keyword centric clicks to your ads unlike safelist mailing.

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