• Free members joining during monthly promo will earn 1500 clicks starting with their first post
  • As a BasicPro Premium member you will receive 10000 clicks monthly on the ads you post
  • Gold Premium members will receive 20000 clicks monthly on ads posted here onsite
  • No need to generate 100,000 mailing credits for only a few hundreds clicks on your offer
  • Cheaters, bot users, automated click software such as Click earner are reduced or even eliminated
  • Know who is liking your content, what they like, when they like it and importantly why
  • Get feedback when other like minded members comment on your ads and product reviews
  • Keyword based targeting and geo-location based filtering with event and activity reports available
  • Clicks you earned can be sold to other members and for smart marketers to your local advertisers
  • Set your own price per click and ad your package to the marketplace for sale or trade with members
  • Save loads off your time giving you the freedom to get other life important things done easily
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