F.A.Qs For Members

Clicksellerate is designed to to eliminate the constant clicking for email credits instead Clicksellerate users earn direct clicks to their ads in exchange for various activities normally performed on a day to day basis.

Safelist marketing is naturally low responsive due to aggressive email spam filters and you emails flagged as spam although the recipients agree to receive your mails.

Your IP address is blacklisted once you visit safelist sites, send emails to safelists or if you are visiting numerous links throughout the day.

No fault of their own safelists, safelist marketers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, email marketers are unfairly criminalised by email services Yahoo being the worst of all not to mention AOL and hotmail among other haters of internet marketers. See 100 words you can’t use when email marketing

Clicksellerate takes the focus from clicking for email credits to performing site activities to get clicks and views to your affiliate links, sites and ads which include clicks from other members viewing your ads to getting clicks from advertising networks, search engine and social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram Etc;

Clicksellerate will deliver a higher concentration rate, better interaction and keyword centric clicks to your ads unlike safelist mailing.

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Clicksellerate works in a number of ways similar to a typical surf exchange, traffic exchange, surf for credit site or a click for credit site such as a safelist.

But, we have designed Clicksellerate to work better by combining the working parts of the aforementioned systems to offer the optimal return in value for your time and your money. We have renovated and finally revolutionized the best techniques that should make online marketing more effective, efficient and a higher value for money.

Using our safelist example you would normally click on links on a safelist page to earn credits only to have other users click on your credit link ending up in a cycle of members focused on chasing credits instead of interacting with your ad. Clicksellerate simply do not require it’s members to perform this action as we believe it’s not an effective method of maximising your time, money or effort.

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No. But it possesses component of surfing and visiting for clicks which we like to call CLX as the currency which you can put up for for sale and earn 70% of the revenue. With Clicksellerate traffic is sold by the members and not buy the site owners. Members can use their CLX and convert them to clicks or sell them for cash at a minimum $0.05 per click.


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You receive 70% by putting your CLX up for sale on our shopping page. Minimum cost per click is set at $0.05 per click in the shopping area. Clicks are keyword based and user/visitor targeted as clicks are delivered from within the Clicksellerate website as well as sourced from outside the site – i.e search engine and social media.

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Clicks (CLX) are awarded for a number of activities across the site and are listed below:

clicksellerate - best click generation program

Get Clicks To Your Pages

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Members can join and use the site and post Five (3) promos (ads) each month. We have both free and premium membership available. After pre launch free members will earn 80% less per activity in clicks (CLX) and only 30% on the CLX packages they put up for sale. Premium members earn 70% on their CLX AD packages.

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Yes. Clicksellerate is for everyone everywhere but here is the secret sauce: encourage your local and regional users to view and interact with your ad posts simply because trust is much easily built from within your own territory – local fame usually leads to international acclaim – simply because you come highly recommended by your peers .

If you wrote a new software or e-book it’s better to get your kinsmen to check it out first as our eternal motto is to “Localize Before Your Globalize”.

Place an offer on Clicksellerate brand your link on simple stuff you can give away, place ads on your radio , TV stations and Daily papers and direct them to join through your affiliate link and encourage them to check out the posts you made online.

Please note as posts should be written in English in adherence to the site usage requirement for posting ads.

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Yes it does. If you purchase a CLX package in the marketplace your traffic will not only come from users clicking on your ads on site but also from other traffic sources. You will receive keyword targeted search engine traffic, facebook traffic, instagram traffic, traffic from advertising networks, traffic from viral mailers. You will get clicks in addition to the traffic generated here at Clicksellerate.

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  • Free members joining during monthly promo will earn 1500 clicks starting with their first post
  • As a BasicPro Premium member you will receive 10000 clicks monthly on the ads you post
  • Gold Premium members will receive 20000 clicks monthly on ads posted here onsite
  • No need to generate 100,000 mailing credits for only a few hundreds clicks on your offer
  • Cheaters, bot users, automated click software such as Click earner are reduced or even eliminated
  • Know who is liking your content, what they like, when they like it and importantly why
  • Get feedback when other like minded members comment on your ads and product reviews
  • Keyword based targeting and geo-location based filtering with event and activity reports available
  • Clicks you earned can be sold to other members and for smart marketers to your local advertisers
  • Set your own price per click and ad your package to the marketplace for sale or trade with members
  • Save loads off your time giving you the freedom to get other life important things done easily
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Please Read And Act Accordingly

You can post informative and interesting content based on almost any topic keeping the guidelines in mind.

Your content must be engaging enough to trigger interaction from other members.

You can make in any but not necessarily limited to the following list below :

  • Product reviews based on emerging programs, products, services i.e new app, fashion or lifestyle trend
  • Your own opinion piece or contribution to a trending topic
  • Product launch JV Invite to invite other members to participate
  • Run online competition for cash and prizes
  • Niche based topics i.e dating, finance, health, personal development, beauty, technology etc; etc;
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Just be active with the site by referring and posting content for engagement with other members. Our marketplace will be activated as soon as it is made available. Only active members will be benefiting the most financially from using this site. Non active accounts will be deleted automatically from the system and the clicks earned converted to cash and added to our Members Activity Cash Award Pool.

Registered members earn guaranteed views by building up a click balance for various onsite activities such as referring members, logging in, reading, liking and commenting on posts, watching videos, joining our affiliate program and taking advantage of the offers we mail to you. You simply convert your clicks to cash, and,  if you don’t wish to, you use them to generate traffic to the offers you post onsite and offsite. The price per click will fluctuate based on your activity streak so the more active you are the more your click price will increase. The most active members will make the most money from this program.

This program is in pre launch so everything becomes a give-away to the early members and beta-testers who are smart enough to capitalise on an opportunity with great potential and will make it big in the future.You become the owner of innovation.

Grab your clicks while they are worth under $0.01 per click and sell them at your discretion for Hundreds possibly Thousands of Dollars more.

Be that smart decision maker and have the last laugh by getting the jump on all the late comers as well as the doubters and procrastinators by taking action and sign up now.

We Plan To Launch On: Midnight EST November 18, 2017

Fill out your information on the register page to receive your own personal membership link so you can get ahead of the latecomers and start building your foundation for marketing success online:
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Here is a list of topics which we recommend you make your ads, posts and reviews about:

As a matter you can even write about your pet, your high school sweetheart, your first trip to the beach, your family life, your favorite celebrity, what’s happening in the news, the latest lifestyle trends and fashions any thing you would like to to put out there to your heart’s content.

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