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High Paying Affiliate Programs 2018

High Paying Affiliate Programs 2018

Best Affiliate Program To Join For 2018 is the new and very life changing
Top Affiliate Program developed by the team at CLICKSELLERATE ONLINE.
The CLIXLR8 Affiliate Program has been developed from the ground up after
nearly six months testing, tweaking, revising and improvising to meet the
needs of the affiliate marketer who is exhausted hopping from program and
not seeing the desired result from listening to the honey dripping mouth of
of various so called hypeman fronting as “spokesperson” in the JV product arena.

At CLICKSELLERATE ONLINE the tagline is “ClICKSELLERATE – Accelerate Your Marketing”
by offering an effective and co-efficient marketing model similar to the Best Micro Tasking Sites you can find online and anywhere. You are required to complete designated tasks by notification from our network such as CSN’s and PNN’s from which when completed you are rewarded at an activity based determined rate of compensation which is defined by how often you interact with the system as high activity reward income based model is the best way to compensate your members.

The CLICKSELLERATE ONLINE team has developed this program to formulate the Best Work From Home Program to the home biz worker who is actively engaged on the top social media platforms where you work and share the information provided by affiliate marketers seeking to expand their brand and widen their reach to relevant and related audiences and interests.

It’s o.k to treat the The CLIXLR8 Affiliate Program as a Work At Home Affiliate Program because this is something you can easily play your part as a co-promoter or JV partner in sharing product ideas, recommendations and reviews about the product offers made available by the members of the program – what’s more rewarding than being a participant in Viral Butterfly Effect and in the thick of things being compensated for your effort in bringing the brands of hopeful marketers to the frontline so they
can earn a living for their families and their loved ones.

Make Money Working At Home with The CLIXLR8 Affiliate Program. The affiliate program is available to premium members as an effective and well thought out option among the High Paying Affiliate Programs 2018 and beyond. Members who select the Premium Membership Option as a site partner will be paid a 90% commission on every sale their generate and regular members earn 50% and a 25% commision rate of 25% to members on the 90 day free plan.

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Hello Fellow Marketer,

Up until recently, whether you knew it or not, banner advertising was really only effective at increasing your brand awareness.

In fact, if you’ve used banner advertising before, you probably know that the click-rates on them are horribly low… and sign-ups? Forget about it.

The SOTAM and vTrafficRush guys plan to change that with the new BucketsofBanners (BoB) that is rolling out in 3 phases.

They started with the Interactive Splash Page!

Club BoB Member Benefits:

  • Earn Banner Impressions – Earn 3 banner impressions every time your ISP is shown.
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  • 3 Program Promotion Bonus – Add your ids in the downline builder and gain additional sign ups at ViralAdBuilder, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer and vTrafficRush.
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Viral elements were added that get your banners shown… even when you aren’t promoting!

There is also a sign-up bonus infused in the banner of Club BoB members that encourage people to click on their banners… even when it’s not them promoting!

How cool is that?

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