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SEO PROFIT RANKER: The Most Forward Toolset for SEO|SEM Specialists

Do you need help to discover the best low cost per click keyword phrases with the highest buyer intent search volume?

SEO PROFIT RANKER is an affordable advanced SEM data analytics marketing intelligence tool that has the power to generate live trending search traffic results at the local or global level.
In addition we have over 60 SEO tools for site optimization, link evaluation and content improvement for more powerful ranking results.

SE Marketers will benefit from up to the minute search analytics at a far more affordable cost to acquire quality results in line with other leading seo data tools.

SEO PROFIT RANKER returns a more detailed and deeper search trend and ranking insights for both paid and organic traffic than the competition.

SEO PROFIT RANKER delivers live result standing from the SERPs and is not to be confused with a historical nor is it simply a keyword suggestion tool.

Locating low cost/high volume buyers search keywords is the secret formula of organic search traffic giving you the highest return on online investments.

SEO PROFIT RANKER provides up to minute live results from paid and organic searches from buyers intent keyword used by your competitors ranking for high valued buyers keywords.

SEO PROFIT RANKER gives you the top trending 100 SERP live results for your specified keywords and locations across all the major search engines globally.

You can easily generate search engine analytical datasets from SERPs as well as traffic analytics from competitors across all major search engines globally and not just from Google Search.

The software delivers various endpoints supplying you with a complete overview of featured snippets and other extra elements of SERPs.

Any genuine online marketer with a valid interest in search engine traffic will agree that the best tools in the game come at a price 3X higher than the average marketer can afford for a year.

With this challenge in mind we came up with the idea to create a more advanced affordable tool SEO PROFIT RANKER to meet the needs of the average marketer.




SEO Profit Ranker - Why Choose This for Business

Here is a list of benefits that you can obtain from putting this nifty piece of tool to work and dominate the market:

  • • Generate SERP analytical data at warp speed no outdated information
  • • See up to the minute trending search results from live ad campaigns
  • • Get search results from across Bing, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Yandex at the local search and global search levels.
  • • Access deep search analytics at a more affordable costs for SEO/SEM
  • • Discover key traffic analytics for any website, anywhere in any language
  • • Easily spy on your competitors and find out what buyers keywords bring them the most traffic and sales
  • • Fresh and updated databank of the most active buyers keyword phrases used by buyers to find product online
  • • Be able to offer SEO services to local clients as you can easily set up your own SEO agency and earn top dollars
  • • Lock in special benefits and rewards from promoted offers for tools that work well with the software
  • • Prompt support for first time seo specialists and small business owners seeking help with SERPs
The greatest benefit of this powerful tool is that it is designed mainly for the small player in the search engine marketing industry for any and all niches. box-cover

Competitors Intelligence

See vital metrics re: your competitors' ranking and backlinks.

Ranked Keywords

Uncover hidden gems for competitors' keywords as well as your own.

Competitors Live Analytics

Get live results (no outdated cached data) of your competitors websites.

Sub Domain Analytics

Uncover competitors' subdomains and evaluate future ranking potential.


Comes With All the SEO Tools You Need.

You can use this tool to boost your SERP for any buyers intent search keyword for creating Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex ad campaigns long before your competition finds out how valuable these keywords are.

For content creators, adding high volume low competition buyers intent keyword phrases
to your long form articles using the skyscraper method helps you to ranking faster and higher.

Backlinking strategists can utilize the power of SEO PROFIT RANKER for their guest
posting and contextual linking strategy to strengthen domain authority.

Affiliate marketers especially low sales and commissions can now have the advantage of
acquiring targeted traffic generating more buyers intent leads.

Local seo experts can use this as a one-stop full suite shop for search engine done on behalf of their business clients.

SEO PROFIT RANKER is for any one who wants to win and stay ahead of the game and above the competition. If you're a genuine success seeker this is it.

Get SEO Profit Ranker

Awesome for Banking $500 Clients Easily.

We propose users simply pay an access fee and use the tools to run their agency business
without the restriction limitations that other services impose. Users simply pay for 30 day access and use where needed.
Flip this service by simply charging your client and pay for the tools from what they pay you - No risk to you whatever. Imagine using this strategy with four or five clients paying you $500 each - that's what makes this a profitable venture

Get Live Data Analysis

Our advanced live data analytics tool gives you up to the second analytics. This system works with the up to the minute data API from Google SERPs

Over 60 SEO Tools Plus More On the Way

We have in our database dozens of SEO tools you can access from a single dashboard
No need to have 40 or 50 windows open while working on a clients project - All the SEO tools can be found i a single space -
no need to be opening multiple browser windows to find the tools that you require.

SEO PROFIT RANKER - Great for SEM Professionals

Our mission is to make SEO PROFIT RANKER the top choice for all search engine marketers.
We're setting up a one-stop shop where all your SEO can be performed by simply working from one location. Simply offer your services at the local level and access the suite of tools to provide
much needed SEO services to your local business owners



Here are the bonuses for SEO PROFIT RANKER membership.
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User Reviews.

Prelaunch date April 4, 2021. Official launch date: April 19, 2021. Users review will be compiled and posted as soon as they are in


Everyone should get this and build their profits from the ground up.

Linda Sophia

Designer, SpaceX

SEO PROFIT RANKER is the boss. Ultimate Profit Builders has done it again.

Michel Jhonsmith

CEO, OnePlus

A complete suite of tools all SEOs and SEM specialist will love. SEO PROFIT RANKER is what's best for business

John Doe

CEO, UIdeck

The ease of access to all these top of the line is what I have been waiting for my whole life

Windy Lisa

Founder, PageBulb

Tried it, Loved it. Perfect for my business and perfect for my customers

Musharof Chowdhury

CEO, GrayGrids

SEO PROFIT RANKER takes the SEO game to an entirely whole new level.

Lisa Smith

Designer, LineIcons

Choose a Plan.

Only the standard plan is being made available at official launch.
The basic plan will depend on the number of requests to have it made available and will only be limited to 20 tools or less.
The OTO is for the Agency option for a one-time payment of $2997.00. I'm working on a special discount deal for the agency option tobe posted at a later date.

Basic Plan



  • Basic Offer not yet available
  • Increase traffic 130%
  • Backlink analysis
  • Organic traffic 215%
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 support



Monthly Periodical

  • Live SERP Data Analytics
  • Increase traffic 130%
  • Backlink analysis
  • Organic traffic 215%
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • Competitors Ranking Analysis
  • 24/7 support




  • OTO not yet available
  • Increase traffic 130%
  • Backlink analysis
  • Organic traffic 215%
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 support

Start Setting Up Your SEO Service Now!

Get SEO PROFIT RANKER while the price is low. We will adjust the price to $197.00 a month after our affiliate contest isa complete.
Our aim is not to have this becoming an over-saturated product offer therefore the launch price will be up for a limited time only