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INote To Visitors: Clicksellerate [CLIXLR8] is the marketing tool used by The Ultimate Profit Builders Network to compensate our members for their time  helping other members to promote their products and brand their products online. Motto: “One Help Building Others And Others Help Build One.” To Register  Click Here

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Traffic Generating Model

Benefit From Our Trafffic Generating Model

  • Yeah We Send You Safelist And Viral Mail Traffic (free members)
  • FaceBook Geo Location Based Targeted Traffic (Premium Offer)
  • Google Geo Location Based Targeted Traffic (Premium Offer)
  • Traffic From Top Ad Exchanges And Networks (Premium Offer)
  • Bing Ads Geo Location Targeted Traffic (Premium Offer)

Revenue Generating Model

How Program Revenue Is Generated

  • Membership Subscriptions (the value is insane we over deliver)
  • Selling Advertising Space - Banners And Sponsored Content
  • Member Support For Products We Recommend In Our Newsletter
  • Advertising From External Sources With Member Partcipation
  • Site Partnership In Exchange for 90% Affiliate Commission

Clicksellerate Operating Platform

Activity Based Income Model

Members Earn Earn CLIX for Logging in (1 - 10), Reading Posts (1 - 5), Referring traffic (1 - 5), Referring sign-ups (5 - 50),  Referring Sales (25 - 90%), Viewing Videos (1 - 10), Posting Comments (1 - 5) and Sharing Links and Content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.

Kishana B. C.E.O,

Meet The C.E.O

Our Mission And Goals


To offer knowledge based startegies that will innovate the process of marketing successfully online on all applicable platforms to make it profitable for your online business by delivering quality service that makes it:

  • Less Burdensome, Takes Away The Tedious
  • More Time Efficient To Collect Credits
  • More Hassle Free Removing The Frustration

to get the word out on products and services for the serious internet business owner, affiliate marketer, business opportunity seeker and work at home enthusiasts.

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Make US Your Marketing Partners For Success

Get Daily Active Engagement On Your Offer?

We Are Looking For A Few Good Beta Testers To Sign Up And Work Through This  Program To Determine The Best Value We Can Offer To Our Members. 100% revenue generated will be shared with members.

Registered members earn guaranteed views by building up a click balance for various onsite activities such as referring members, logging in, reading, liking and commenting on posts, watching videos, joining our affiliate program and taking advantage of the offers we mail to you. You simply convert your clicks to cash, and,  if you don’t wish to, you use them to generate traffic to the offers you post onsite and offsite. The price per click will fluctuate based on your activity streak so the more active you are the more your click price will increase. The most active members will make the most money from this program.

Make Money From Your Engagement

This program is in pre launch so everything becomes a give-away to the early members and beta-testers who are smart enough to capitalise on an opportunity with great potential and will make it big in the future.You become the owner of innovation.

Grab your clicks while they are worth under $0.01 per click and sell them at your discretion for Hundreds possibly Thousands of Dollars more.

Be that smart decision maker and have the last laugh by getting the jump on all the late comers as well as the doubters and procrastinators by taking action and sign up now.

We Plan To Launch On: Midnight EST November 18, 2017

Fill out your information on the register page to receive your own personal membership link so you can get ahead of the latecomers and start building your foundation for marketing success online: