Advertyze 10dollarsoloads EasySoloAds RapidListMaker Honest Review

Are you familiar with the services offered by the following solo ad vendors Advertyze 10dollarsoloads EasySoloAds RapidListMaker?
Have you ever done business with any of the above and if you did how did it pan out for you in terms of results?

Did they deliver?
Are the leads responsive or do they just sign up and leave?
Are the leads from quality tiered countries and are non responsive?
Would you recommend any of these mailers or solo ad services?
Do they offer quality customer service fix the problems you experienced in a reasonable time?

All Four (4) sites belonged to this address : FlintNET LLC, 9956 W Remington Pl Unit A10 Suite 182, Littleton, 80128 CO, United States but I have not done any further checks to see if they really exist.

Note: I remembered visiting a YouTube link about the site 10dollarsoloads and left a review on the youtube page only for days later to being bombarded with emails from all of the above listed sites. I have now figured out what’s going on here from the comment on the youtube link my contact information was accessed as YouTube allows other channel owners to contact you so obviously this is how they got me on their mailing list, a very sneaky and tricky marketing tactic – Getting people to comment on YouTube “Honest Reviews” then harvest their contact information – Would you do business with a service such as this?

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